A tilemap editor which you can run from anywhere (adopts to smartphone screens too). Since it is a progressive web app,you can even install it and run it when you are offline.

If you want to install it, go to its host page at:



- Multiple tileset support

- Multiple tilemap support

- Multi-tile selection and painting (drag select multiple tiles from the tileset)

- Tileset meta-data editing (Assign tags to tiles, automatic assignment of symbols to tiles)

- Tilemap layers (as many as you like)

- Export boilerplate code for kaboomjs https://kaboomjs.com/ (wip)

- Customizable export data

- Resizable tilemap - non destructive too

- Paint tool, Pan tool, eraser tool, Bucket fill tool, Random tile tool, Pick tile tool

- Responsive interface (scales down to portrait mode on mobile)

- Tiny footprint 

- Easy I/O api that lets you transform and save data with ease


- Export data feature

- Undo/redo system

- Paint tool modes (line, square, circle,etc)

- tiled i/o

You can read more about it at:


If you like the project, please consider donating to it here on itch, or at the project page

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Fantastic tool!!

Looks cool :0

Thank you for this! I'm going to try it out on my iPad - for months I've been looking for a tileset editor I can use on it!


Hey no problem :) its still rough around the edges but I am working on improving it. The main priority is to now let it export tiled format even if in a limited way

That would be huge! I just donated to this tool. Do you have a roadmap? How can I best get feedback to you?


I guess the best place would be the github tracker. You can open a ticket at the issues if you find a bug or have a feature request. If you want to directly contribute with code you can also fork it and make a pr. Its open source so its truely yours :) 

If you have made a demo map, you can save it as a json file and upload that to gist. Demo maps and screenshots can also help promote the software to more users too. 

I am  very thankful to everyone who brought it here on itch. It motivates me to pick it up more often and push it further :3 Thank you ❤ 

I love this game


Thank you :) its an editor not a game though. You can make a game with it 

Still i love it