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Sprite Render Kit is a sprite rendering system for Blender 2.78 - specifically designed for rendering animated and static sprites for 2d games.Its benefits become most obvious when you need to create a sprite with 4 or 8 directions of animation. It's main goal is to save you time!

In one click you render an animated character from 4 different angles and the files are properly named!

WARNING - You need to download blender in order to use this tool. Blender is FREE! Get it from here:

The Kit contains:

- A Scene Setup - Created to allow Blender to render an animated model from 4 different angles simultaneously.

- It is made out of one main scene (where you set your settings) and 3 more scenes for the remaining camera angles!

- The work Layout is created in a way that allows the user to conveniently view the model from all the 4 target rendering angles on one screen.

- Bonus (new) - The example mayan.blend file (pictured above) is included with the download - so you can test the kit with it! :)

- An extensive Python Script, created specifically to allow the user to sync all scenes to the main one. Set it up in the main scene, the rest get synced to it in just a single click:

- It syncs all of your Render settings (BI and cycles)

- It syncs all of your Freestyle line sets from the main scene to the other scenes in the file (useful for sprite sheets with lineart)

- A Camera Rig, capable of simultaneously controlling all 4 cameras:

- Designed for Rendering an animated model from 4 different directions

- In ortographic or perspective mode (Ortographic is recommended)

- Tweak the center and angle of rendering with easy to use controlers

- Control zoom level

- Control render angle (45 degrees = isometric)

- Control the height angle of all cameras or on a per camera basis

- Control an offset on the left and right cameras - easier to center the model

- A node output setup - capable of rendering all sprites to a dedicated directory -set with proper naming conventions

Here is a How To video:

Ideal to use with the NPR cell shader:


Also try NPR cell shader for blender3d

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
Made withBlender
Tags2D, 3D, Blender, Isometric, Pixel Art, Sprites, spritesheets, tool, Top-Down
Average sessionA few seconds
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


Buy Now$3.99 USD or more

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I wonder when it will get updated to blender 2.8+. I think it is abandoned. Was such a useful tool.

I am so hyped I can hardly wait to use this for my project!

(3 edits) (+3)

Is there any ETA on when this will be updated to support Blender 2.8?
Bought it a while ago - is it still being supported?


some time by the end of the year or next one.. :)

(1 edit) (+1)

It's been 5mths, any news this?

 Hi, do you have any news related to the update? It's a very useful tool! I hope you will continue to support the tool in the future. All the best!

Not yet.. been busy with work and open source stuff on github

Hello, it is possible to create a 16 direction sprite? I really look forward to use your tool in Blender 2.8, do you have a road map or a time period for porting now that 2.8 is in release candidate phase?



Hi, it is possible, but it takes more steps. A single render renders 4 directions. You will need to render 4 times with changing the angle slightly on each step and renaming your render targets.

I plan to update it to support 8 directions when I port it to blender 2.8

Thank you! Do you have a release date now that 2.8 it's out?

Does this work with Blender 2.8?


not yet. Waiting for blender 2.8 to be stable so I can port it over